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. tatiana moniz

Hi, nice to meet you! I know the title says Tatiana, but only my mom calls me that (when she's very angry), so you can call

me Tati. (pronounced tah . tchee in brazilian portuguese)

Being passionate about stories, understanding people and what brings them joy, I used to work as a story artist for animation movies. Now I pursue those goals as a Product Designer, focusing on the user's happiness above all, as I truly believe that's where design shines the most beauty. 

I've worked in big and small studios, with clients like Adult Swim, Awesome Inc (GA), ACW (SF) and Disney TV (BR),  from Brazil and the US, gathering all types of different work and life experiences. Knowing how to work around small budgets and tight deadlines, I've learned how to improve and optimize a project pipeline so it can make life easier for everyone down the line. I'm also known to bring cookies to the office when we all need a pick me up. A great worker AND free cookies? What a deal, folks. 

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