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storyboards and animatics

The Shadow
Between the Roses
Action Shot Study

Animatic study for an action scene, striving to get out of my comfort zone and exercise camera movements and action poses, as well as a darker environment, contrasting my usual personal style. Part of a series of shorts being made.

One Small Step
Animatic Short

This is the first sequence for the animation short "One Small Step" for the Aerial Contrivance Workshop studio. Story by Jim Capobianco, who mentored me throughout this whole process and taught me so much! 

I was the Lead Storyboarder on this challenging project: We had two weeks to create from beggining to end the animatic for a music video for the song Black Widow, made by the metal band Imago Mortis. It was very interesting to work with such a different style from my personal one and to lead other storyboarders into making one, cohesive project. I learned a lot with this one!

Imago Mortis
Akomotion Studio
Music Video +18
Personal Project

This was my final project for college, where I worked with another artist to complete this animatic of 4 minutes and a teaser of 1:30 minute. I was responsible for the storyboard in most scenes, except for a few of them at the end. Also was responsible for the Art direction and character design. 

Mika's Diary
Supertoons Studio
Kids TV Series

I was given songs and was responsible to make animatics for the music videos. Here's one of them above. The musical part was completely up to me to decide what would happen, just being sure it followed along with the music and flat aesthetics of the series. This is the music scene for an episode for the 2nd season of the series Mika's Diary, indicated for an Emmy Kids Awards 2018, owned by Supertoons Studio, aired on Netflix BR. Because of the high standards on how to deal with kid's imagery and storytelling, it was a very rewarding project to work on. I boarded 5 episodes in total for the series.

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